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KBCRF Ecosystem

Our Ecosystems promotes Research in Universities

Universities unable to attract and retain research talents due to poor salaries and terms.

Gets talented research manpower into the campus, as the private player offers better terms and conditions.

Research out put from universities rarely lead to commercialisation and revenue generation.

The Ecosystem provides for commercialisation of research out put as this is at the core of its viability.

As research does not lead to revenue, it becomes the government’s responsibility to keep funding it perennially.

As part of the revenues are ploughed back into the ecosystem, it can make research fund itself in a sustainable manner.

Given the market needs for trained man power, teaching takes total priority over research in our universities.

As the Research Centre does not have its own teaching programs, the sharp focus on research is maintained.

Institutional base of research in India is extremely narrow – serious research is limited to a few ‘elite’ places.

As the Research Centre does not depend on the scientists of the host institution to start with, such centres can be set up even in ‘non-elite’ institutions

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